One Child, One Chance, One Life at a Time


LifeChance Corporation was founded by Chantel Runnels, a native of the West-Side of Chicago, in response to the diminishing and narrow-minded aspirations of youth encountered, in the DeKalb-Rockdale County areas of Metro Atlanta.  While sitting in the hallway floor of Springfield Baptist Church having a conversation with two young ladies about “what was next?” the contrast in livelihoods was so evident: one young lady aspired to touch the moon and return while another young lady was on the cusp of hopelessness and could not see past the night in which they were presently in.  


From this simple interaction the vision of LifeChance mentoring and youth exposure was born. Beginning in 2008, with two young ladies, blossoming to take on 4 teenage males beginning in 2009, this program has developed into a city-wide effort.  LifeChance Corporation utilizes the methodology of exposing youth to the world outside of their “current world” in effort to instill hope, assist troubled youth in establishing goals, and transform thought processes to invoke accountability for their decision making.


Our mentoring efforts are intimate and relationship based.  We develop a strong rapport with the parents of our mentored youth, ensuring core issues are addressed, and critical needs are met within the households.   Enrolling youth from the age of 7 and coaching them through high school, college admissions, career direction, and job placement/networking assistance upon graduation, encompasses a total growth experience within the LifeChance Corporation.



LifeChance Corporation
Chantel Runnels – Founder & Visionary
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