One Child, One Chance, One Life at a Time

Life Chance in Action

Holiday 4 Hope was established in 1989, and has become a worldwide day of give-back and instilling hope in the families of homeless and severely underprivileged youth throughout the world.  The Holiday for Hope Atlanta Program was started in 2008 with just two families on the receiving end and a loaded-up Chevy Equinox.


Family 1 – Both parents unemployed for half the year, and displaced in temporary housing provided by their church family.  With no tree up and the idea of just letting the day come and go so the children would not notice was attended to by the Holiday for Hope Atlanta efforts.  Upon delivery of the gifts, donated by the friends and family of our Founder, the parents were overjoyed.  The father dug out the tree and decided Christmas had come and would not pass them by, thanks to the efforts of Holiday for Hope Atlanta.


Family 2 – A recently widowed stay-at-home mother of six.  No clear end in sight of where they would reside by week’s end, and how they would manage without the father to provide for them all.  All six children were blessed with a number of toys, and the joy that came from the moment was truly insurmountable, take a look at the first year!





Each year a Saturday in December is dedicated to providing homeless youth in the Metro Atlanta Area with a Christmas.  Partnered with The Historical MLK Center for Nonviolent Social Change, local restaurant owners and caterers, and a visit from Santa, a day of entertainment, gift giving and a great meal; Holiday for Hope Atlanta gives families hope during the holiday season.



Where we are today:


Holiday for Hope Atlanta remains a very intimate program, providing a personal connection with each family, to not only provide toys, but to reincorporate hope in each household.  Last year, 2012, was the first year, one of our previous recipients were able to give back into the lives of other youth, and this we call PAY IT FORWARD!  Each family departs Holiday for Hope Atlanta, with a Resource Guide, Canned Foods, critical need items: coats, shoes, etc. and a sack filled with toys.  Our most recent event blessed approximately 15 different families with over 40 youth in total.


Current Partners: