One Child, One Chance, One Life at a Time

LifeChance Corporation is only as viable as the support we have earned from our surrounding community.  We encourage you to Sow a Seed into the lives of our Youth.  As we are always excited about new partnerships, we welcome your inquiries. As a non-profit organization all donations are tax-deductible and we employ a practice of utmost transparency.  At any time our financial documents are available for the community to review.   Sow a Seed of Life today!









How your Contribution can make a Difference:


$15.00 – Sponsor a Child for a day of Exposure

$18.00 – Provide a youth with a Winter Coat

$25.00 – Provide 2 youth with a Christmas thru Holiday for Hope Atlanta

$30.00 – Provide a youth with a basic needs kit (undergarments & new shoes)




Inquiries: Please contact us at 678-971-9SOW