One Child, One Chance, One Life at a Time


2008 H4H ATLANTA Family:

“I’m thankful for you been there when no one else was I’m doing big things now thanks to my father in heaven.  Chantel I’m just starting my business… Thank GOD!”





2012 H4H ATLANTA Family:

“God is so good, the kids and I just finish thanking GOD for the blessings and to send an angel thru this program to contact us through our hard times. Amen”





2012 H4H ATLANTA Family:

“I am really grateful for the many gifts you gave my kids. That was a beautiful and touching event. They were so happy and my daughter is begging me to let her open anything she can… I know I can’t question how God uses people to bless others. That’s one thing you can rest assure knowing… I am a giver as well. That lets me know that all that I have done for others, even when I didn’t have, it comes back plentiful.  That’s what happened today. Thank you, again for allowing God to use you as a blessing.”

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